About Me


I am a wife.  I am a mother.  I am an engineer by training, but I am a lifelong student of the world.  I continue to learn about new things in any way possible.  I find beauty in nature, in the impish smile of a child, and a nice warm cup of coffee.

I am a woman of many talents and interests, but my greatest gift is the ability to make even the most stand-offish person feel welcome and warm.  I’m a chameleon, so I can sit and enjoy the free beats of an outdoor hippie music fest just as easily as I can engage with the CEO of a Fortune 500 company.  I can find some platform to equalize all people.

I’m a hugger, and I’ll be right next to you cheering on those first steps or rounding 1st after a solid hit into the outfield.  If it is important to you, I will bring my personality and enthusiasm to make sure we document the event so it is as crisp in your mind as the second you experience it.  Yes, I’m a photographer, but I’m also part of the event.  Let me share in your joy!

I specialize in fun, vivid photography to capture the everyday (and so very special) moments of your life.  Whatever the event or subject, I will create photographs for you to treasure….always!

F a c e b o o k