What Should I Wear or Bring?
The most important thing to remember is comfort!  Colors and style should reflect you and your family’s personalities.  If you simply can’t decide, err on the side of simple.  Jeans and a white T-shirt photograph surprisingly well!   Also, please bring your own items to personalize the event.  Blankies, binkies and teddy bears are (if your child has them) a great way to really capture the spirit of your child as they are, right now.  Oh, and always bring a favorite snack!

Although some prefer families in perfectly matched outfits, family photos also look great with coordinating colors. Start with a piece of clothing that inspires you (usually from Mom or a sister), and chose pieces for the rest of the family to compliment.

What is the Best Time to Schedule?
You will be best judge of timing.  For small children and babies, the best time to photograph is shortly after napping and eating, when they are their happiest!  I will plan to arrive a few minutes before they will be ready; this will give me time to get acquainted and set up while they are waking up too.  No need to worry – I will be happy to work around your kiddos schedule the day of the event.  We want this to be as stress free as possible for you, and them.  After all, the children are the stars!

Your personalized session will take 1 – 2 hours, more or less depending on your needs.   I will do everything in my power to make the session as relaxed as possible, so nothing will be rushed.  If the weather is inclement the day of our scheduled session, we can decide on a previously determined interior back up location or just reschedule for another time.

The location is completely up to you!  We are lucky to live in a city with amazing parks and a great shoreline, both of which make great places to take portraits.  But, keep an eye out for an unsuspecting jewel right around your neighborhood.  Alleys and cityscapes can make surprisingly memorable portraits!

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