Thank you from The Starbound Dance Company! | Morton Grove Photographer


The Photobooth to support The Starbound Dance Company of Morton Grove was a rousing success – raising over $250 to go toward their competition costs.   Thank you for all those who came out to support the arts in our community, and for continuing to make Morton Grove a great place to live!

Learn more about the Morton Grove Park District Dance Program, including Starbound Dance Company HERE!

Wedding Love | Chicago Wedding Photographer

Who can resist the opportunity to celebrate in a day filled with smiles and love?  The following slideshow is a small snapshot of just a few of the celebrations I have been so fortunate to be a part of the last five years.  Be it a 10 person intimate affair, or a 500 person New Years Eve Get DOWN – Long live LOVE!

Baptism | Chicago Baptism Photographer

I’m so excited to be re-working my website!  Part of the hard work (or fun, however you look at it!) is reviewing work that I’ve done over the years.  One of my favorite kind of events are baptisms.  Rebirth, pride and washing away sins with water is a very powerful experience indeed!  Many, many thanks to all those families who have trusted me to be a part of this beautiful family celebration!


13 from ’13 | Chicago Family Photographer

I was going through my 2013 photos, preparing them for back up and (GASP!) potentially putting them into a real live photo album in a timely manner.  Then a friend, JESSICA GWOZDZ, shared her 13 favorite personal shots from 2013 🙂 WHAT A BRILLIANT IDEA!  So, I’m sharing my favorites with you 🙂

1.  I wish I could remember what this was from.  A challenge? A monthly project gone awry?  Alas, I can’t remember.  But I do know I love this shot – the kids do sit nicely and color together for long periods of time….if I can get them to sit still!

2. Old Tuscon Studios: This might be my favorite photo from all of last year.  I love the colors, I love the outfit she is wearing (made by my Mother-In-Law, whom we were visiting), I love how sassy/pouty /kick the dirt-y my sweet daughter is, and I loved visiting Arizona.

3.  Grandma Dora Prays: My grandmother (who turned 92 at the end of December) is a true prayer warrior.  Every night.  She came to Chicago to visit us in April, and prayed every night on the trip.  This is one of her favorite rosaries.

4.  Learning to Ride:  My sweet little man, learning to ride on two wheels this year.13in2013-4

5.  Making Masa:  It looks like my cousin Mamie Lou is getting ready to make some tortillas here, but really she’s doing some important PT.  She was in a coma for what felt like forever, and we were for sure we were going to lose her.  Also pictured are other cousins – there (as usual) to cheer her on!13in2013-5

6.  Just Can’t Wait to be King: Lola (and Liam’s) first dance recital!  She was so timid and reserved, but she does love love love to DANCE!13in2013-6

7.  Cold Gin Aid:  Mamie Lou a few months later, at a musical benefit to help with her medical bills.  Gaining strength, and so caught up in the music!13in2013-7

8. Glow Worm Baby: My brother with his third child and first daughter.  She spent a few days under the glow worm lights, but was out and back to normal in no time.  She’s a big chunk-a-monk now 🙂13in2013-8

9. Butterfly in Flight: I was so excited that the probosces was extended, ready to eat!13in2013-9

10.  GISHWHES: A virtual photo / video scavenger  hunt – SO MUCH FUN!  We had a team of 15 people from around the country and one week to complete as many tasks as we could. This was one of my favorite shots from the week.  It is also super special because I love that I have a friend that I can call up and say “Hey, does your kid have a Storm Trooper Costume?  Can I borrow it and him and go to the laundromat for a photoshoot?” and have her answer in the affirmative with absolutely no questions asked.  Sigh.  That’s True Love folks 🙂13in2013-10

11. Go Blue: Till the day we die.  Win or Lose (mostly lose this year).  Rain, sleet or shine!  We took the kids to Northwestern to see their first Michigan game. We all had a great (and wet) time!  We made it until half time – I was impressed they made it that long!  I thought UM lost….but apparently they won 🙂 Like I said, after it was tied up at the half, I didn’t have high hopes!

12.  O’Brien O’Donnell O’Holidome Weekend:  You all know that look that family members give you when you want to take a group shot?  The sighing and eyeball rolling?  You know.  I KNOW you all know what I’m talking about.  Well – I’m proudly that person, and make people do group shots as much as I can (even against their will). When I get a gem like this one – I am SO GLAD I FORCE THE GROUP SHOTS!  I will treasure this forever….it really sums up the group (which is going on an annual tradition for eight years or so?)13in2013-1-2

13.  CHEESE:  My sweet, sweet, silly girl.  I love her style, I love her silly, and I love that she still allows me to take her photo without much protest.  Sure, I get a few frames like this….but this, this is real life.

Jes Gwozdz - Awesome, Karin! <3

Colleen - These were so great and I miss you! Maybe I’ll assemble my 13 as I prep my 2013 photobook. Stay tuned 😉

Letters to Our Children – December 2013 | Chicago Family Photographer

I don’t have a whole lot to say this month – except that I am thankful for my crazy little family, that (mostly) entertains my need to be constantly taking photos.

You guys are crazy – and I love every minute of it!

Follow our circle around to the lovely Tanya Karaman!


Stacy - Your family is so beautiful! Love these images. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

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